Important Announcement

ASI Games no longer with RedFireFish

Effective May 10, 2024 - RedFireFish begins the process of separating from ASI Games, this means that we will no longer be affiliated in any way with ASI Games and we will be independent.


Starting May 15, 2024, we will begin publicly withdrawing our games from publisher ASI Games and self-publishing in the future.


RedFireFish is a subsidiary of ASI Games, which develops games for the Nintendo Switch using ASI Games' publishing services.


Our team does not agree with the current policy of ASI Games, which is why it was decided to get permission from the current CEO of ASI GAMES TECHNOLOGIES LTD to exit ASI Games, which is why we have successfully received it, and are preparing for the process of our independence.


What's next?
We plan to launch our own website (not in the domain zone) and begin the process of legal registration of RedFireFish in the coming months.


We also have plans to launch our own publishing of games on the HTML5 and Nintendo Switch platforms, but this is already in the plans, now we are also developing new games for you.


We love making games the way you love to play them!